Established in 2007, Back to Basics (BtB) was Incorporated with the intent to mentor, inspire and educate.  Recognizing that certain skills were just no longer being taught daily,  BtB chose to take the lost art of daily life skill teachings (which now seems to be a burden for many and a chore most) and use those various activities to create fun and exciting experiences. Initially, the mission was to invest in the lives of young girls and mothers; then after 9 years of devoting love in hundreds of princesses and their queens, it became amazingly clear that there was a need for expansion.  As a result, Back to Basics Inc. broadened its program to both females and males and incorporated a housing program.  In addition, Back to Basics also became a facilitator for other organizations who demonstrate a strong desire, but lack of current administrative structure.  It is our philosophy at BtB, that ones intention and passion should always be the driving force and all other details will work themselves out.  As a result, we partner with like minded individuals, support people striving to be better and take great pride in enhancing the beauty of our community both in and out! 


Mission: Our mission is to invest in the lives of the youth.  Recognizing that "Every Princess is a Queen in Training and Every Prince is a King in the Making", our program will help develop well rounded individuals, and instill life long skills, morals and values.   


Goal: To work with the youth and their parents/guardians toward teaching and training daily life skills and forgotten teachings.  Through one on one training, play, various activities, and field trips; mentoring is provided, as morals and values are instilled and reinforced.

Purpose: To teach and inspire the youth, while supporting their caretakers.  Through group participation and support, both parent and child learns how to create, communicate, cook, plan, budget, garden and other traditional but less modernized skills and habits.  They are also taught life practices that are now a necessity in this era, such as entrepreneurship and financial planning.  All of the lessons, activities and trips are in an effort to mentor, train and reinforce.  As a result, there is an improvement in social skills, domestic knowledge, self awareness, community involvement, personal respect and respect for others.

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